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Don't DIY HR

You start a business, or you purchase an existing one. You're excited, scared and more than a little bit overwhelmed. Bit by bit, or all at once your small business grows. It's time to hire your first employee or apprentice. Then second, third and fourth. It seems pretty easy now and you have great staff. They appreciate and respect you and vice versa. Things plod along with slow and steady growth and life is great.

Until something happens one day, maybe one year, or even 5 years down the track. Perhaps you get audited for a new certification, or you have to terminate a difficult employee. But whatever it is that happens has the potential to snowball and you are asked for contracts, policies, processes, diary notes, letters.... You might be lucky and have used a HR consultant or outsourcing company and have everything you need to show that your businesses people and health and safety processes are compliant. But if you haven't, it has the potential to be a costly and timely exercise for your business to resolve.

HR consultants and professionals study for years at university, continue with their professional development, and sometimes, like me, spend even more time and money to be recognised as a Certified Practitioner which involves Post Graduate level study and ongoing professional development requirements. Its not really the type of role you can or should 'wing', and it is infinitely more complex than most people imagine.

Don't take the risk and try to DIY, look to a consultant and focus on growing you business.

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