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Staff Training? Who? What? Where? How Much?

Learning and Development is one of the pillars of staff satisfaction and engagement. Nobody wants to do a poor job because they haven't been trained properly, or come in to work day in and day out doing the same old thing with no prospects for development. Well..... Ok I have come across some employees who do sit in the latter category, but it is exceedingly rare in my experience.

So how should a small-medium business owner plan for training and development in their workplace? How much is enough? How much is too much? How do I decide if the course is appropriate or not?

It all starts with appropriate performance and coaching. Some questions to ask yourself could be:

  1. What are my employees strengths and areas of improvement?

  2. Are there any skills or areas of knowledge that they need which can't be provided by someone else within the business?

  3. What are their career aspirations that would also be beneficial to my business?

  4. How much budget do I have to work with?

From here you should start seeing a clearer picture of development opportunities you can create for your employee/s. Perhaps it's a certification, or a short course. It could be partially funding a qualification (or fully funding if your business is doing well!). If you have wide ranging needs across your whole team, you might consider investing in a Learning Management System with extensive libraries of online training.

There are many affordable and flexible options available to business owners, and in this post-COVID (?) world, online learning has really taken off!

To get a handle on assessing your employees performance and development needs, as well as ensuring that your legislative training is up to scratch - give Peoplee a call!

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